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Money = Happiness? May 1, 2009

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They say that money can’t buy happiness, but I think that is a very flase statement! Yes, it is true that money can’t buy true friendship, money can’t buy love, and money can’t (necessarily) buy happiness (because I believe happiness is not on sale at Kmart or anything like that, meaning it is not a substance to be grasped but rather a felt emotion typically manifesting itself in a smile or a laugh)….but it sure can pay for things that make you happy! Right?

I believe that people who say that money does not matter are lying to themselves. I think that more problems come when you have money problems. When someone is financially stable they do not have to concern themselves with worrying and anxiety about whether they can pay the bills next month or how much money they spend on food and Starbucks every month. It brings you peace and helps you to be stress-free when you have money.

It is very well known that financial problems are one of the main reasons (if not THE main reason) for divorce in this country. Financial instability brings about arguments and more stress which is unnescessary and undesirable. Families fall apart because of money (or rather the lack-there-of). It is not a good feeling to know that you cannot pay for you family and sustain a decent lifestyle for them.

It is very evident that material things fade, and even those with an abundant amount of money in this life feel empty and turn to drugs, sex, and sometimes even suicide. It is clear that money cannot make a person happy in-and-of itself. But when a person is a happy person in general (especially if they have God), I believe money is a very useful tool for them. They are content with little so they know how to apprecitae money when it becomes a lot and they also do not depend on money to make them happy but they do acknowledge that a lot of stress is avoided because of having money.

Ultimately, life is short and people should not spend their whole lives chasing money, because (NEWSFLASH!!! When you Die, You Can’t take money With you!)…So, therefore, I believe that my conclusion on this matter is that money is here for the here and now, but when we do not have it here and now, it brings about a lot of problems that could easily be avoided with money. Money is a good thing and money can pay for things that make people happy. Like if money can pay for a house or a car, then that car and that house can bring joy to a person because they are not overwhlemed with stress because it is so expensive. If we have money to pay for those things, it is such a relief.


2 Responses to “Money = Happiness?”

  1. anahid02 Says:

    I completely agree. I always say I was just enough of it to not have to worry & be stressed out all the time.

    • annabanan Says:

      Exactly! That’s all we really need, as long as what we have is enough to emilimate stress and to bring some kind of freedom.

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