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African Themed Paintings June 2, 2009

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So, during my last semester of school, I had a wonderful opportunity to paint. I just wanted to share these two with you. They do look a bit one-dimensional on here, I think they look way cooler in person, but whatever, you get the idea. I’m kind of proud of myself  lol. This one right here is a painting that I saw and kind of copied. It’s not exactly the same, obviously I put my own touches to it and it looks different, but I was really happy about it. So, here it is…


African Woman 2


Another that I did was this one. I did this during our Art Week at school. The theme was Transformation, but I was first told that the Theme was Redemption. I guess it could represent both. This is a painting that I thougt up by myself and I’m pretty happy with it as well. We also had to do a presentation for my Introduction to the Arts class. We had to go with the theme of Redemption and use two forms of artistic expression during our presentation. So here is my painting and a Poem that I wrote to go along with it, enjoy…


Living Bread


Living Bread

My name is Joseph and I am eight years old

Where I live it is dark and cold

My parents died and I am all alone

Now I’m on my own, I’m on my own

My mother died while giving birth to me

And my father died from HIV

Now I am left poor and hungry

Oh who will help me, who will help me?

One day I was just sitting at home on the ground

With nothing to do, just looking around

But I looked up and behold I found

He was looking at me, just looking at me

I was startled and I jumped back in fear

I wondered what was He doing around here.

He just looked at me, tears filling His eyes

Then He spoke to me, to my surprise

He said, “Here son, take my body and eat”

As He was handing a loaf of bread to me

What He said didn’t make sense to me

But I just couldn’t speak, I just couldn’t speak

He said He brought Living Bread to me

I really don’t know what that means

But for some reason, I don’t understand why

I think He was talking about Himself it seems

I took the Bread with no questions asked

He smiled at me and I laughed

This was the first time I had laughed in years

I had forgotten what it was like, I only knew tears

I don’t know what, but something changed that day

But you know, He was right about what he said

He really did bring me Living Bread

Now everyday of my life I am never left unfed


5 Responses to “African Themed Paintings”

  1. Arlene Says:

    WOW! Anna, I’m speechless. You’re very talented girl

  2. severnyproductions Says:

    Profound and beautful. i like the images they portray the personality of your subject very well.

  3. Beautiful! Thanks for sharing this with us! 🙂

  4. wow dude… i saw this displayed at Life and i think Ani first showed me that you drew it… and i was trippin out… the poem is beautiful and you are very tallented cuz =]… but then again you were always all artsy and stuff lol… keep in knee the family lolll… love your paintings, keep it up G!

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