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Do We Really Stop Learning? July 1, 2009

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I’ve been working on a post about Death for a long time now, and have not had a chance to fully complete it all to post it up. So, I guess while I’m working on that, I wanted to share this random thought with you all.

Just the other week, my Professor for my Oceanography class made a statement. He said that, “When we stop learning, it means we’re dead”. And I nodded my head with no hesitation…I totally agreed with him and didn’t think much of it at all.


But then, it hit me! I realized that, WAIT, we don’t stop learning when we’re dead! I just nodded my head and agreed with something that is totally opposite of what I truly believe.

I believe that when we die, our spirits live on, while our material outter shells, a.k.a. “our bodies”, rot and decompose here on Earth…

I believe that when we die, we go before the Lord and we actually keep on learning, and in fact, gain more knowlege than ever before.

And I do believe that when we die, our capabilities of understanding and grasping realities that didn’t make sense to us before are now activated.


So, in reality…I DON’T believe that learning stops when we die. Rather, I believe the total opposite, as far from it as you can possibly get. So, I know it seems random, but what I’m trying to say is, make sure to pay attention to what people say before you agree or disagree, think about it twice.

It probably wasn’t a big deal that I nodded and I got a kick out of his statement. I understood the point that he was trying to make. Basically, that we can never come to a point of knowing everything and that we never stop learning until we’re dead. Which I mean, generally sounds good and logical until you actually think about it the way that I did.

So, again, just make sure to pay attention to what people are really saying and to not just receieve it from the angle that they are presenting it to you with. Look at it from other angles as well and then make up your mind.


One Response to “Do We Really Stop Learning?”

  1. Axel Priest Says:

    Yup, you can really say that’s true, too bad we don’t chase after wisdom, like the Bible tell us to in Proverbs.

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