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Everything Ends. November 11, 2009

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Some people may find me strange after this post, but that’s alright with me. So, there’s this other song that reaches the deepest parts of my soul and just does something to me that I cannot explain.

This is the disturbing part, it may seem like just another song…but for me, it is almost like a worship song! I praise God and connect to Him in a really awesome and amazing way when I hear this song and sing along.

The lyrics are deep and powerful and when I think of death, I think it is one of the most weirdest, strangest, amazing things in life.

I did write another blog before speaking of death and how I was really sad about it, plus losing a close relative in August (may she be rejoicing with the Lord right now, we definitely miss her), it’s even more closer to my heart.

This whole death concept has me twisting and turning. Sometimes I am sad, sometimes I am absoltuely amazed.

I am reminded of the fact that God gives us a time limit, He gives us just ONE LIFE, and He made us with an inevitable realiance on Him whether we realize it or not. An interesting example is that He made us with this need to fall asleep, literal sleep that is (which I think takes total trust).

Think about sleeping, it takes Trust in God to sleep. Someone can come and kill you in the night, or your heart may fail to beat, and suddenly you’re gone (from this Earth at least).

Just living everyday and thinking that you’re safe takes trust.

Anyways, I don’t want to get too philosophical on you guys, I just wanted to share this awesome song that I hope will speak to you in deep and powerful ways too, and will hopefully make you reflect on life, and how short it is, and what is most important in life…

(Don’t mind the New Moon stuff, listen to the words)

Life is temporary…don’t forget it.


2 Responses to “Everything Ends.”

  1. Jenn Says:

    You should never worry about getting “too philosophical” for the people you to talk to. If you do, you’re talking with the wrong people!

    I appreciate that you’re thinking about these topics and sharing them. Keep it up!

  2. annabanan Says:

    Thnak you. I appreciate your comment.
    You’re right, philosophy is so crucial!

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