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Fatal Vampire Attraction May 2, 2010

Blood suckers, cold ones, nightwalkers…how pleasant! Really? No, NOT REALLY!!! But WHY oh whyyyy do we LOVE them OH SO MUCH?

What is it about Vampires that captivates us and draws us to them? I have one theory, it is their power to completely control and destroy you, yet to choose not to. (Which most don’t choose not to, they just suck your blood and kill you)…

But at any rate, how COOL would it be to have a Vampire best friend that protected you? I think that would be awesome. I think those of us who love vampires always imagine themselves as the vampire’s friend, not their lunch. At least that’s what I imagine and why I love them so much.

I have another theory as well…they are just utterly attractive. There is just something about people who look like vampires that keeps me hooked, how about for you?

Check these out and let me know…

Seriously, anyone who even looks kind of like a Vampire is amazing! I LOVE it!

Why do you love Vampires?


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