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Christians are like Vampires May 18, 2010

Christians and Vampires? Can there be any more of an unrelated topic to one another? You may be asking yourselves this question. BUT, there is somethnig that I have discovered.

          I have already watched Twilight and New Moon, and I have read Twilight, some of New Moon, and some of Midnight Sun (I’m working on getting the whole series done soon). After all of this, something became very clear to me, particularly when I was reading Midnight Sun, which is essentially the book of Twilight from Edward Cullen’s perspective…

          It is so utterly fascinating when one reads from Edward’s perspective. It gives new insight and gives a fuller picture of how much he was truly struggling to not attack Bella and suck her delicious and warm blood right out of her.

          As I dove deeper into this concept of struggle that Edward experienced, I realized that this is a lot like what Christians experience. He eplained, in Midnight Sun, that when he first took a whiff of Bella’s scent, it hit him suddenly and unexpectedly. He had not taken a human life, due to his craving of their blood, for about 80 years, and now he was turning into that vicious monster that he despised.

          On the one hand, you get to vividly picture and even feel the anguish and torment Edward experiences in his great desire to drink this most inviting and tasty blood contained in Bella’s feable and weak body. This is the side of him that he had been fighting for so long. A monster! He simply could not fight it, yet, in this moment of irrestistable temptation, this was a side of him that he hated.

          He stared Bella in the eyes with a vicious glare and saw his horrific and monsterous reflection in her dark eyes. He became very aware in that moment of the monster he was becoming and the evil side of him that he was giving into. As you read, you become aware of the multiple ways he imagined and strategized to kill Bella and drink her sweet blood.

          Yet, in the very same moment that he pictured himself as a monster (something he hated to be), he managed to picture Carlisle (who Edward regarded as his “father” and “creator”). He began to compare and contrast between this image of a monster (himself) and Carlisle (who has compassion and love for humans). He recalled, that within those 80 years of fighting off his desire to kill humans, he began to notice similarities between himself and Carlisle. Yet now, the monster that he had become in this unsuspected and unanticipated moment was the furthest thing possible from who Carlisle was (the one that he wanted to become like so eagerly).

          Therefore, in that moment, while he struggled against every single desire within his body and mind, he ultimately made the right decision and did not kill Bella, because he thought about his father and his father’s character. THIS, my wonderful friends, is the connection I have seen between Edward Cullen and Christians.

          If you are a Christian, you very well know the new person you have decided to become (a lot like the lifestyle choice Edward decided to follow), and yet there still remains that lingering monster within you that comes out amidst great temptation. The burning desire Edward Cullen felt within his thirsty throat and hungry stomach is a lot like what we feel when we encounter delicious sin. Edward knew that if he gave in and killed Bella, that Carlisle (his father) would understand and forgive him, because he knew that Carlisle loved him. Yet, he chose to walk away, as mindblowingly difficult as it may have been, because he reflected upon and remembered who his father and creator was.

          I think this is what keeps us Christians away from sin. When we are in the midst of desirable sin and great temptation, we remember who our Heavenly Father is and we deeply absorb the thought of how great his love and compassion is for humanity, and we make our decision accordingly. We make the right decision only when our desire to please our father is greater than our desire for sin, as was the case for Edward Cullen. It was a battle between choosing to submit to the lust of his flesh or choosing to give in to the love within his heart (which comes from the father).

          This is such beautiful and encouraging imagery. I would desire for each and every one of you to read the Twilight series, but if not that, at least Midnight Sun, in order to truly grasp the great struggle Edward experienced and how difficult his choice was. While you read, you will discover, though in the moment of tempation it seems that there is no other possible option but to give in, we find that there is always a way out and we always have a choice. We all have the freedom to choose to do what is right or to give in to what is wrong.

          This makes me recall the verse that says, “No temptation has seized you except what is common to man. And God is faithful; he will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear. But when you are tempted, he will also provide a way out so that you can stand up under it.” (1 Corinthians 10:13)

          It is clear that we have a way to escape temptation in every situation. I hope that you all enjoyed this post and were encouraged by it. Please feel free to go ahead and read Midnight Sun here (found on Stephanie Meyer’s website)…


          Another significant correlation that I wanted to place here because it does not necessarily have to do with temptation, is this idea of being completely transformed. Carlisle was regarded as “father” and “creator” by Edward because while Edward was dying of influenza, he was made alive again. Not only was he literally hours from death and given a second life, but this life is an eternal one (with rare exceptions of course, an analogy can only go so far). But the point is that Vampires are completely transformed people; an entirely new creation (which is what the Bible speaks of in regards to Christians). We are given new life and an eternal and everlasting one at that. How wonderful it is indeed. So, you see, Christians really are very similar to Vampires.


2 Responses to “Christians are like Vampires”

  1. Jason Says:

    This is great. But, all vampires are not like Edward…this is a special case added in the plot of the movie for effect. Great blog though.

  2. annabanan Says:

    Yes, that is very great observation Jason. That is exactly the point. Most people choose to give into sin and just do things however they want or based on what they feel, like any vampire does. But there are a select few who do what is right and resist their burning desires for a greater purpose, like the Cullen family.

    So, yes, I guess I cannot make the blank statement that Christians are like all vampires, but Christians are like some vampires who choose to live a different lifestyle. I hoped that people would understand that from my blog.

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