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About Anna March 20, 2009

I’m Anna and I love sharing my thoughts and getting input from others. I enjoy expressing myself in various ways and I guess this is one of them…so I hope you gain something from it.


2 Responses to “About Anna”

  1. Tamar Says:

    I agreeee!! I haven’t read any of the books but I have noticed the correlation between vampires (Cullen family) and christians. The first time I noticed it was twilight, the kissing scene, between bella and edward. I noticed the struggle edward went thru to resist the temptation of just biting her and drinking her blood. I was like THATS WHAT CHRISTIANS GO THRU (not the blood sucking part)!! and then after that, I noticed it even more. but I only noticed the struggles and temptations they went thru. and I never thought about his “father” as our “father” and that makes a lot of sense. i like the way you put it 🙂 i realllly would want to read edwards perspective of the story more then bellas. seems more interesting.

    • annabanan Says:

      Why did you write your comment here and not in the blog area? lol
      But yes, exactly, thank you! I’m glad it makes sense.
      It is certainly very interesting and intense to read it from Edward’s perspective. I LOVE IT!!!

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