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Christians are like Vampires May 18, 2010

Christians and Vampires? Can there be any more of an unrelated topic to one another? You may be asking yourselves this question. BUT, there is somethnig that I have discovered.

          I have already watched Twilight and New Moon, and I have read Twilight, some of New Moon, and some of Midnight Sun (I’m working on getting the whole series done soon). After all of this, something became very clear to me, particularly when I was reading Midnight Sun, which is essentially the book of Twilight from Edward Cullen’s perspective…

          It is so utterly fascinating when one reads from Edward’s perspective. It gives new insight and gives a fuller picture of how much he was truly struggling to not attack Bella and suck her delicious and warm blood right out of her.

          As I dove deeper into this concept of struggle that Edward experienced, I realized that this is a lot like what Christians experience. He eplained, in Midnight Sun, that when he first took a whiff of Bella’s scent, it hit him suddenly and unexpectedly. He had not taken a human life, due to his craving of their blood, for about 80 years, and now he was turning into that vicious monster that he despised. (more…)


Promoting Alcoholism and Sexual Promiscuity? May 11, 2009

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I have been thinking a lot about this lately. Especially with Artur (our Pastor)  breifly mentioning this just this Sunday…I realized that I should write a blog about it.

We see promotion of Alcoholism and Sex everywhere, seriously, it is absolutely ridiculous. What I want to do is to give or show an example of this. My main focus here is music, specifically these two songs “Blame It” – Jamie Foxx and “Just Dance” – Lady Gaga because they have become really popular. These types of songs are fun and catchy and they get stuck in our heads. We end up singing along with them in the car on the radio and we spend the rest of the day humming and singing it.

Some of the images in their videos are dirty and I apologie for that, if you don’t want to watch it, that’s fine. But I just want to present the lyrics and the videos here just so you see what we are actually listening to and watching and the messages that we recieve and accept and tolerate unconsciously…

Here is “Blame It” by Jamie Foxx

(If you Cannot View the Video click here