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We Are All Moving Along On A Continuum… April 8, 2009

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(Here is something i wrote a little while back, just wanted to post it up and hear your thoughts…)

Prophetic message is progressive
i. Its transforms gradually as changes take place in history
ii. Bound together by one spirit and revealing one revelation.
iii. We’re moving along on a continuum and there is an end…


This is a little part of my notes from my Hebrew Prophets class and as I was studying for my test I couldn’t help but stop here and think about this, and I just wanted to share my thoughts with you all…


First of all it is important to note that God is always the main figure of the prophetic message (This is known as Theocentric)


Every prophet’s message was about God and how much humans need God and salvation. It’s not about humans, it’s about God! Even when you read the prophetic judgments against Israel or Judah, there is always a promise of salvation. How beautiful it is to know that even though God’s people were screwing up big time and turned to idol worship…God was still faithful.


Isn’t it interesting that while God’s people were idolaters, they were committing adultery against God? As the covenant people they were supposed to remain faithful to God and His commands and in return they would be God’s adopted children and they would be protected, secure, and peaceful. This was very much a covenant relationship like marriage. If a married person lies with another person whom is not their spouse, they are adulterous, so in the same sense if a believer turns to other “gods”, they are adulterous in their covenant relationship with God.