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Miss California and Perez Hilton May 13, 2009

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Since this has become such a big fuss in the public’s eye, I thought it was worth mentioning…



It seems that the question Perez (an assumed openly homosexual man) gave to Miss California was not very complicated. It seems as if the obvious answer to the question about what Miss California thought about legalizing Gay Marriages would be simple. She should have given a “people-pleaser” answer if she really wanted that crown. But oh, God forbid she actually has a different opinion than what society has been trying to push upon us lately (actually for a while now)…

This seems to have been blown way out of proportion, and though they found the semi-nude photos of Miss California, Donald Trump decided that she should keep her crown. I’m glad that this happend because someone with her own opinion should be representing California. I am happy about it!

But what I wanted to say was that one morning on my way to school I was listening to Big Boy in the morning, and they brought Perez Hilton onto the radio. He started saying things that I did not necessarily agree with but I think that he was really smart and kind about it. He seems to be a pretty understanding guy and he seems to be respectful of other people’s opinions…I really appreciated that. He stated that he thought Miss California should not win, NOT because she was against Homosexual marriage, BUT rather because it seems that he did not like other things about her. From what i remember, it seemed like he did not like the way she would answer questions and other random things that judges care about.

But all in all, I was listening over and over again to Perez Hilton speak and share his opinions and Big Boy and some other radio host with him were not disagreeing with him and were supporting him. I was kind of discouraged to hear them speak and say things that I personally disagree with and to not give another point of view…

BUT THEN…Big Boy’s final words were, well, basically everyone has their own opinion and if you don’t agree than that’s fine. Some people don’t agree and that’s all good…it’s okay to have your own views! Wow, that really made my heart feel better, I was so glad to hear that Big Boy was smart enough to mention that. I mean, he seems like a great guy too and I personally do not know his own opinions on that specific issue, but he really is not here to knock anyone or their personal views and I really loved that! The whole time I was thinking that Big Boy has no idea how influential he is to his listeners and that he has an openly homosexual man speaking on his radio show (that could really change people’s views just because Big Boy is doing it). But seriously, I’m really glad he threw those few words in there.

So, after all is said and done, I hope that Miss California will do good and represent, and I hope that people like celebrities and radio show hosts will recognize how much influence they have on people and that they will try to present both points of view.

But, honestly, It seems that a lot of people are upset and really furious with Miss California’s opinions, and though her statement that she was raised to believe that “marriage is between a man and a woman” is not necessarily a bad thing, but it really is not showing that she is thinking on her own either. She turned to traditional views as a reason for her own views, which i personally believe is not legit enough. That may be a factor, sure, that’s great, but I think she has to dig a bit deeper.

I hope that she will think much deeper about recent issues that have been on the rise and that she will be really smart and careful with the things that she says. Some people take her as an example of someone who has no idea why gay marriage is actually wrong, but really, she does not represent all of us. So, hopefully people with differing opinions can hear each other out.


(Due to recent findings, I have come to know that Perez Hilton actually cussed out Miss California and said horrible and nasty things about her on his own blog site. So, though he may have seemed understanding on the radio, he is totally not and that is a big disappointment.)


One Response to “Miss California and Perez Hilton”

  1. Well, this is really interesting. I like what you wrote and agree with a lot of it. But I’m going to have to disagree with you on something. Far too often, the media expresses one side, basically the non-Christian side, and bashes on “traditional Christian views.” Then, at the end, when they are done saying everything they need to say, they throw in a little “but everyone is entitled to their own opinion” kind of statement. However, when anyone actually ever holds their own opinion that is different, they bash on those people again. Simple example of what I mean.

    Non-Christian: Everyone can hold to whatever belief they want.
    Christina: I think homosexuality is a sin.
    Non-Christian: Jerk!

    Now I have nothing against Big Boy, or whatever, I don’t even listen to him so I don’t know what his show is really like. But often times, those statements are thrown in but the people who say them don’t really mean them. Its almost as if they just have to say something like that in the end so that Christians wont protest their show. Kind of like an unspoken rule, but they almost never actually think its ok to hold any view different than their own. I think stuff like that is just added for their media friendly purposes. Because if they really cared about the other view, they would have legitimate people who hold those other views on their shows too.

    And just another note… why is the closing statement always something like “everyone has their own opinion and that’s fine. You don’t have to agree with it.” But there is never any statement like, “everyone has their own opinion but its important that we always keep seeking truth. Because sometimes we’re wrong and need to change, but as long as we’re seeking truth, our motives are pure.” Its always about feelings and opinions, no one ever tries to talk about the facts… But I guess that’s too much to expect from the media right?

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